Bam & Mr.Dero

Eine New Yorker HipHop-Legende und ein Grazer Produzent haben sich zusammengetan und ein ganzes Album geschaffen.
This & That (feat. Klumzy Tung)

Title track featuring Klumzy Tung, from their 'This & That' album, released 2015 on Tiefparterre Records.

Bam & Mr.Dero über sich

Bam (a.k.a. Afrika Baby Bam) of the legendary New York '90s hip hop group Jungle Brothers and Austrian DJ and producer Mr.Dero team up to bring the positive hip hop vibes of the Native Tongues Era to 2015 - with their concept album "THIS & THAT", featuring longtime partner Klumzy Tung on the title track, neo soul singer Farina Miss and the Jungle Brothers themselves on a new version of one of their biggest classics (Tiefparterre Records 2015).

Combining two EPs ('THIS' and 'THAT') to one strong album, the record is rounded up by four music videos and a stunning concept artwork project, that has won numerous inernational design awards (i.a. Red Dot) and clearly displays their love for art and detail. At the moment they are touring together with Klumzy Tung as BAM x DERO x KLUMZY, bringing the album to the stages and dancefloors!

Austrian hip hop enthusiast Mr.Dero has been spinning, producing and organizing club nights for nineteen years now and knows what's moving dancefloors. And Bam (aka Afrika Baby Bam)? He's nothing short of a living legend. As a part of Brooklyn rap crew Jungle Brothers he helped creating a movement that still has an impact on hip hop culture today: the Native Tongues. Together with fellow artists A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Queen Latifah and Black Sheep the JBeez started a positive, good-humored, yet conscious counter movement against all those grimey looking, gold chain wearing bad boy rappers that still influences young artists today.

In their transatlantic collabo project Bam & Mr.Dero picked up that thread and produced tracks that are as dope as danceable. Since they met and became friends at one of Dero's label club nights, they've been working together to bring back that positive vibe from the Native Tongues era in a very original fashion. Catchy production with a heavy bass, soulful grooves, feelgood vibes and Bam, who's definitely having fun in the booth – that's their album 'THIS & THAT', released on independant label Tiefparterre Records.


aus Graz / New York / London | *2012
Afrika Baby Bam


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