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Dero&Klumzy-Different(Dunloop RMX)
Jim Dunloop Remix für Dero&Klumzy 2018

jimdunloop über sich

... "the key wizzard" has been playing his piano for the last 38
He began with a classical education , and by the time he was 14 years old was analyzing the compositions of Gershwin and Bruback, leading to a keen interest in jazz music.
He quickly developed his knowledge of the creative works of many great jazz/funk pianists such as Herbie Hancock , Bob James , Chick Corea and Adam Makowicz.

Infected with the funk rhythm , Jim Dunloop became interested in Rap music in the early nineties.
In 1991 he became a member of the legendary
rap crew.
In 1993, together with Fresh Familee drummer SPLINTA ,
he formed the group
Over the next few years the group appeared on many compilations and in 1995 they released their debut album "Kuehl" on
Label Köln Massive.

In 2001 Jim Dunloop moved from Dusseldorf to Germany's art and music capitol Berlin.
He quickly began a collaboration with world renowned DJ and Turntablist
Marc Hype ,
resulting in a driving combination of funk breaks , re-edits and oldschool beats.
The live performance of Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop is best defined as a mix of Djing , Turntablism and the highest of piano art.In cooperation with Goethe Institut and the AA the have played Concerts all around the Globe.

Apart from all this Jim performs together with
Mr.Krime and Daniel Drumz ,
both highly respected Djs from Poland , under the name
" Mako Boko ".

Together with drummer Guiseppe Coppola
( Gentleman) , Jim Dunloop has grounded
" The Mathematics ".
This project allows Jim to express his affection of live performance.
He put together this impressive group of musicians with the intent of recording and performing the music which he passionatly loves.


aus berlin | *1991
jim dunloop


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