Rémember ist nicht etwa englisch, sondern ungarisch. Diese 4 Ungarn schreiben ihre Texte jedoch nicht etwa auf Ungarisch, sondern auf Englisch. Rémember sind eigenen Angaben zufolge die erfolgreichste Irgendwas-Band in Ungarn. Ein heillos/heilvolles Stilgewusel, aus der man Faith No More, EMF, KLF, Linkin Park etc. herausfiltern kann.

Remember über sich

Zitat: "Rémember is the mightiest psychedelic neogrunge tripcore poprock band from Hungary, playing the best music to dance naked to. Their music is mostly allegro but sometimes it slows down for more relaxed parts. Occasionally, they experiment with adding digital 'tweaks and squeaks' to the raw guitar-sound of their live performance during studio recordings. Rémember was formed by four lads in 1996 in Budapest (Aron - drums, Fibula - vocals, Geiger - guitars, Jero - bass). As early as 1997 they released an EP in MP3 format on the Internet and performed the first ever on-line concert in Eastern Europe. In the same year they also won the 'Demo Of The Month' title of Total Guitar magazine (UK) with the song Silence Is The Rest. Alternative programs of VIVA TV (Germany) and MTV Europe played their video Pig In Shit in 1998. The band's first release on Private Moon Records came in 1999 (Good At Least, EP), and the debut album, entitled @Generation, was released in May 2001. During the past years Rémember has had a hectic tour-agenda with approximately 80 gigs per year. From 1998 onwards the band has received more and more festival invitations from around Europe. As a result, Rémember has performed at festivals in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Slovenia. N.B. "rémember" is a Magyar word for 'apparition man' - but don't be hysterical."


aus Budapest | *1996
Aron - drums
Fibula - vocals
Geiger - guitars
Jero - bass

Kontakt: <>


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