The Royals

Vier noble Musiker aus St. Gallen in der Schweiz und ihr "Endzeit Pop".
Album "Endzeitpop"

The Royals über sich

In a land that knows no kings they call themselves THE ROYALS, clarifying right away that this is no local pell-mell music, but majestic sounds with international appeal. "ENDZEIT POP" (Endtime Pop) is a full barrel of fresh, brilliantly played and arranged Indie rock that can claim a place among the biggest of the genre.
There a line that the young Julian Cope could not have executed better, here a harmony that is reminding of the Psychedelic Furs in their heyday. A respectful bow to Blumfeld or Tocotronic, but maintaining their very own character, carried by the sonorous, warm voice of songwriter Sam Kunz.
The Royals have penned one of the rare albums, on which each of the tracks - six in English, five in German, have what it takes for a hit - Will it be the dark epic "Umhuellt" (Encased) with Kunz's defiant claim that this world is not proof of anything ("Diese Welt ist nicht der Beweis")? The sad, truly beautiful "Disappointed Heart" or the sparkling fire of "Out of Ashes" or will THE ROYALS connect with their undismayed call to just go ahead and continue to fail happily ("Gluecklich Scheitern") - in any case, no time for fillers, here!
Kunz's guitar melodies and lyrics - often times a tightrope walk between abysmal melancholy and the imperturbable drive to push ahead - is joined by the infectious, yet unobtrusive drumming of Roger Cadalbert, both embedded in a big and warm sound production from Hahn & Hahn at Studio E.L.C.H. in Germany.
"ENDZEIT POP" is a five star debut that grants THE ROYALS entry to the noblesse of European Pop. The King is long dead - long live the Royals!


aus St.Gallen CH | *2012
Sam Kunz Roger Cadalbert


The Royals
Roger Cadalbert
Zschokkestrasse 4
CH 9000 St.Gallen


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